Heating Guide

Specs NuHeat (Mats) Warm Tiles By Easy Heat (Cables)
Suitable Substrate
  • Plywood
  • Concrete
  • Wire mesh and cement base
  • Cement board
  • Plywood or board (unless using wire mesh and cement)
  • Concrete
  • Wire mesh and cement base
  • Limitations: Not for use directly on cement
  • Vary in size
  • If more than one mat is required in a room a custom mat is recommended. Custom mats require a detailed sketch provided by the customer which allows Ceramic Decor to obtain a quote and design from the manufacturer
  • For areas requiring over 100 sq. ft. of coverage in a single mat Ceramic Decor recommends using tile cables instead of Nuheat mats
  • 120V and 240V kits available
  • Kits available in various sq. ft. coverages
  • Greater than 70 sq. ft. heated area recommended for 240V Kits
  • It is especially beneficial to use cables in irregular shaped areas
Installation Method
  • Increases overall thickness of finished floor approximately 1/4”
  • Mat is adhered to substrate using 1/4x1/4” v-notched trowel and MAPEI Ultra Flex II
  • Feather off excess thin-set at the perimeter and allow it to dry for 18 to 24 hours after mat is applied
  • Thermostat probe is installed in mat and leads are left at the edge of the floor for hook-up
  • Connecting the mat leads should be done by a licensed electrician
  • Tile can then be installed using appropriate thin-set mix for the tile’s requirements
Over Plywood:
  • Wire mesh is fastened to the sub-floor then cable is installed (by a licensed electrician) with 3” spacing
  • Sand mix is then poured over the cables, levelled, smoothed and left to cure for 24 hours before the tile can be installed
Over Concrete:
  • MAPEI Primer L or Primer K is used to prime exposed concrete
  • Cables are installed (by a licensed electrician) directly on concrete using tap cons to fasten the tracks with approximately 2” spacing
  • Sand mix is then poured over the cables, levelled, smoothed and left to cure for 24 hours before tile can be installed
Energy Efficiency
  • Programmable thermostat recommended
  • 30 sq. ft. of mat uses less electricity than 3 100w light bulbs
  • Programmable thermostat recommended
  • Average daily operating cost is 1 cent per sq. ft. of heated area