Step 1

Surface Prep

Inspect the tile floor, making sure there are no loose tiles; the existing tile must be in good shape for re-tiling. Clean them thoroughly to remove any wax or build-ups on tile floors. Apply MAPEI ECO PRIM GRIP to all areas and let dry as per instructions.

Step 2

Apply Mortar

Certain mortars are better for installing tile over tile. Make sure to choose an appropriate product, mix and apply the mortar according to manufacturer’s directions.

Step 3

Set The Tile

Set the new tile in sections as directed by the thin-set mortar’s product guidelines. Butter the back of tiles by applying thin-set to the back of the new tile, as well as the surface it is being applied to.

To reduce the look of tile that is too thick, use decorative and bullnose tile to blend the tile at the edges of the walls.

After the floor or walls have been tiled, apply the grout according to instructions.